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With our sea transportation services, we aim to connect destinations and unite oceans to promote global connectivity and progress. Our network of reliable and efficient shipping routes enables us to bring people and goods from different coastal destinations together, contributing to the growth and development of businesses and economies worldwide.
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For no one despises or hates or runs away from from pleasure because it is pleasure, but because great pains result to those who do not know how to follow pleasure with reason. Nor is there any one who suffers pain.
Ocean Freight
Sea freight transportation is the safest method of shipping goods. In this article, you’ll become familiar with TAV Shipping's amazing cargo transportation.
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Air Freight
Get the most diverse and secure air cargo transport services from the international transport company, Tav Freight.
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Rail Freight
With the most efficient cargo trains and suitable scheduling, Tav Freight Rail Transportation Company can transport cargo safely, quickly, and at the lowest cost.
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Road Freight
If you want to send your shipments to any destination at the lowest possible cost, our recommendation is to use the road transportation services of Tav Freight.
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Project Logistics
With the multimodal transportation services of Tav Freight company, you can deliver your shipments to their destination through multiple different methods. 
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If you are looking for a secure and reliable warehouse to store and protect your customs goods, we recommend using Tav Freight with 24
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Why Choose Tav Freight

With Tav's transportation services, you have access to all international ports and airports. Tav's commercial vessels and owned containers are ready to transport your commercial goods. You will also have the opportunity to build strong and long-lasting business relationships with all countries in the region, including China and European countries.
Facilitation of all commercial matters
Provision of combined transportation services
Carriage of hazardous cargoes
Contracting with all major airlines around the world
Door-to-door cargo delivery


The growth and development of the economy of any country are dependent on the expansion and development of its industries. Since the supply of equipment and raw materials, as well as the distribution of products, plays a vital role in the development and prosperity of any industry, Tav Freight is ready to cooperate with all industries in the supply and distribution of goods, by providing integrated services and logistics solutions, in the form of a profitable partnership.
The world of technology is rapidly changing, and all related industries require up-to-date and advanced equipment and components to keep up with technological trends. Tav Freight company is prepared to cooperate with independent companies and merchants in the field of importing and clearing necessary electronic and computer equipment, as well as equipment needed for the telecommunications, medical, and household appliance industries.
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Iran owns vast mineral resources, providing a great opportunity for owners and miners to earn foreign capital by exporting processed minerals worldwide. Tav Freight, with its specialized equipment, is ready for exporting all kinds of processed minerals to wherever you want in the world
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Industrial equipment
Improving the efficiency and quality of final products is a key factor for success in competitive markets. On the other hand, the process of importing industrial equipment involves many complexities that require sufficient knowledge and expertise. Through contracts with the most reputable international transportation companies and customs formalities, Tav Freight provides you with the easiest way to import industrial equipment
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Keeping food and edibles fresh and healthy is one of the biggest challenges for transportation companies. On the other hand, Tav Freight, with standard equipment and professional staff, provides you with the right conditions for a profitable food business
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Agricultural Products
Supplying agricultural products is one of the main concerns of all countries, and for this reason, the export and import of agricultural products are always accompanied by the support of governments for importers and exporters. Taav International Transport Company, by having transportation equipment for agricultural products, is ready for full cooperation with farmers and traders of agricultural products.
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Essential Goods
From oil and gas to pharmaceuticals, grains, and meat products, all goods that play a vital role in our daily lives fall into the category of essential goods. Tav Freight is ready to provide services to all its dear customers in the transportation and customs clearance of essential goods.
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Paper and Packaging Equipment
Efforts to preserve natural resources have led domestic productions to cover only half of the country's paper product needs, and due to the country's urgent need for significant imports of paper, importing this product in Iran has always been a lucrative and popular trade. Tav Freight Company will accompany its traders and merchants in the safe and fast transportation of paper products.
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Automobile Manufacturing
Automobile manufacturing has a large share of imports in Iran and it presents a golden opportunity for capital growth. Along with the customs challenges, the prices and quality of imported parts have always been the two main concerns of auto part manufacturers and suppliers. With the help of international shipping services from Tav, you can be at ease about importing parts with quality and performing customs duties without any hassle.
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Petrochemical Products
Although Iran owns one of the world's largest oil resources, selling crude oil is much less financially viable than exporting petrochemical products. Tav Freight is ready to provide its services in the transportation of petrochemical products with the necessary safety standards.
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