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If the speed of transporting your goods is of great importance to you, we recommend using air transport for shipping. Air freight is also recommended for moving goods with expiration dates. In international air transport, there is only one loading process, which prevents damage to the cargo during transportation. If you want to send valuable cargo urgently, Tav Freight is ready to provide you with services. Tav Freight prices its services based on the type of cargo being shipped, the shipment's urgency, and the cargo's value. Additionally, as soon as your cargo is loaded, it is insured to compensate for any potential damage. Therefore, you can confidently entrust your cargo to Tav's employees and experts and enjoy the speed and security of shipping various goods to different global destinations.


Official member of Iran’s aviation organization.
Exporting and importing various types of goods.
Contracted with all reputable airlines around the world.
Air transportation of cargo to all international airports around the world.

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