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One of the effective ways to have a greener future is to replace rail transportation with other land transportation methods. It is interesting to note that using each freight train for rail transportation services is equivalent to reducing 76 commercial trucks from the transportation cycle. For this reason, this method will bring us a safer and better future with a reduced carbon dioxide footprint on the planet. Moreover, the most sustainable and suitable land transportation method on land is the use of international rail transportation. The international rail transportation company Tav Freight has made it possible for you to easily move any cargo between two points on the globe. If your commercial cargo is heavy and bulky, we recommend rail transportation to you. Success and progress come in different ways, one of which is the rails of Tav Freight rail transportation company to the shores of the Arvand River. Just trust our experts and move towards the future quickly.


Availability of dedicated wagons for cargo transportation
Ability to enter into a combined transportation contract or Multimodal including land, rail
Regular services from Bandar Abbas and Imam Khomeini Port to Aprin, Sarakhs, and countries in the Middle East region
Rail container transportation services
Transportation of bulk cargo by wagons owned by the rail transportation company
Availability of an experienced and specialized team in tax, sales operations, and document registration
Performing all commercial affairs such as registering rail transportation services orders, providing commercial cards, customs clearance, performing currency transfers, and allocating bank currency
Reducing the amount of carbon dioxide and helping to preserve the environment by rail transportation of goods.

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