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Dedicated to the needs of your industry With our extensive global reach as a freight forwarding and logistics company, TavFreight services companies at any scale and in any industry. However, we have developed capabilities as logistics specialists for a select range of specific industries, of which you can find out more below. So if you’re looking for solutions dedicated to automotive, FMCG and retail, industrial, technology, life sciences, or food and agriculture, please feel free to contact our specialists.

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With Tav's transportation services, you have access to all international ports and airports. Tav's commercial vessels and owned containers are ready to transport your commercial goods. You will also have the opportunity to build strong and long-lasting business relationships with all countries in the region, including Russia, China, and European countries.
Having the required hardware in maritime transport i.e. vessels, containers, trucks
Offering flexibility payments
The development-oriented Mindset
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Large and expert sales team to penetrate the market faster
Strong customer-oriented culture

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