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A warehouse is a place for storing, packaging, and preparing products before distribution. One of the differences between regular and commercial warehouses is their management system. Warehouses play a vital role in the supply chain. Traders and managers of companies involved in importing and exporting goods should negotiate and sign contracts with reputable warehousing organizations, as using warehouse services is equivalent to protecting capital and preventing financial losses. If you want to store your goods in a safe place and have easy access to them when necessary, please contact the sales specialists at Tav Freight.


Storage of dry cargo
Storage of hazardous materials subject to their nature
Ability to track and report the status of cargo
Availability of cold storage facilities for refrigerated cargo
Provision of a list of assets after delivery to the warehouse
Availability of experienced consultants to answer questions related to warehousing services
Palletizing and kitting services
Transportation insurance services
Packaging and preparation of goods before shipment
Labeling and barcoding of products
24/7 customer support
Insurance coverage for goods upon entry into the warehouse

Frequently Asked

Does TAV Freight's storage services guarantee the safety and security of my goods?

How is the cost of warehousing goods calculated?

Are my goods insured while in TAV's warehouse?

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