TavFreight services for agriculture and food supply chains
The food and agriculture industries rely heavily on logistics to meet the challenge of delivering perishable products quickly—often over long distances. If your enterprise operates in this industry, you’ll know that negotiating the global food supply chain landscape requires in-depth knowledge of logistics, detailed data analysis, and a sound grasp of universally recognised best practices. At TavFreight, we have extensive experience in moving agri-food products around the world. We deliver speedily and guarantee product freshness, while adhering strictly to all international, regional, and country-specific food transportation conventions.

Use the Benefits of Having Access to Iran

Fortunately, not all countries are blessed with a four-season climate like Iran, which is why they rely on importing food. On the other hand, there are countries that cannot produce agricultural products under any circumstances, which makes food exports in our country reach their highest level and bring about the following benefits:

• Economic growth and foreign exchange earnings for the country
• Controlling food prices within the country
• Compensating for food shortages
• Increasing innovation in food production, preservation, and packaging
• Reducing total costs in the event of increased production and export of products
• Creating healthy competition between domestic and foreign companies
• Government support for companies active in importing and exporting food.
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Special Features and Competitive Advantages of Tav Freight

Our integrated shipping network, provide you optimal import & export solutions for any type of cargo, all over the world. Our services would be the best answer to all customer's needs: commercial formalities, logistics and supply chain, warehousing, insurance and clearance process
Having the required hardware in maritime transport i.e. vessels, containers, trucks
Offering flexibility payments
The development-oriented Mindset
Better Sell
Large and expert sales team to penetrate the market faster
Strong customer-oriented culture

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Sea freight transportation is the safest method of shipping goods. In this article, you’ll become familiar with TAV Shipping's amazing cargo transportation.

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