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At Tav Freight, we strive to provide the best import and export services for automotive equipment. According to recent statistics, imports, and exports of automotive equipment account for the highest percentage of all imported products. This study indicates that domestic manufacturers have a compelling need for automotive equipment and parts, and the market for these products will always be hot. This means that importing and exporting automotive equipment is a launching pad for achieving success and great profits. 

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Whether you are planning to independently import automotive parts or you are an automotive company looking for a contract for international transportation of your equipment, you can rely on our experienced experts. In the following, we will get more familiar with this profitable industry.
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Our integrated shipping network, provide you optimal import & export solutions for any type of cargo, all over the world. Our services would be the best answer to all customer's needs: commercial formalities, logistics and supply chain, warehousing, insurance and clearance process
Having the required hardware in maritime transport i.e. vessels, containers, trucks
Offering flexibility payments
The development-oriented Mindset
Better Sell
Large and expert sales team to penetrate the market faster
Strong customer-oriented culture

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Sea freight transportation is the safest method of shipping goods. In this article, you’ll become familiar with TAV Shipping's amazing cargo transportation.

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