Tav provides integrated transportation services for the most difficult commercial shipments from all points of the world for your convenience. With easy access to services such as freight forwarding, maritime and air transportation, cargo tracking, and order control services, Tav can help make your shipping process easier.
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Interconnected sea:
Tav and Europe, new possibilities of maritime trade

Europe is one of the most important commercial hubs in the world. Forging commercial ties with its busiest ports for export and import purposes have always been a priority for Iranians merchants.Taking this priority into account, Tav Freight has come up with a variety of international transportation solutions to address the needs of domestic and foreign merchants. Our services include land, air and sea transportation and logistics counseling to facilitate export and import between Iran and European countries.With its modern fleet and highly advanced equipment, Tav Freight has made it possible for you to transport any sort of cargo such as FMCG, dangerous goods, project cargo, bulk and non-standardized cargo from a European country to another, or other part of the world.

Significance of European Ports

Enjoying advanced infrastructure, strategic geographical location, and vast industrial potentials, European ports are considered the most important commercial and transit hub in the continent.

Tav Freight’s Services in Most Important European Ports

  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Port of Antwerp
  • Port of Hamburg
  • Port of Valencia
  • Port of Barcelona
  • Port of Genoa
  • Port of Trieste

Thanks to its unique capabilities and equipment in intermodal container shipping, Tav Freight can offer the best tailor-made transport solutions for different cargoes, from the easiest to the most complicated such as bulk and non-standardized cargo to any business or industry.Tav Freight proudly connects the northern and southern Iranian ports to the most important European ports.

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Ocean Freight
Air Freight
Road Freight
Rail Freight
Project Logistics
Sea freight transportation is the safest method of shipping goods. In this article, you’ll become familiar with TAV Shipping's amazing cargo transportation.

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With Tav's transportation services, you have access to all international ports and airports. Tav's commercial vessels and owned containers are ready to transport your commercial goods. You will also have the opportunity to build strong and long-lasting business relationships with all countries in the region, including China and European countries.
Facilitation of all commercial matters
Provision of combined transportation services
Carriage of hazardous cargoes
Contracting with all major airlines around the world
Door-to-door cargo delivery

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Industrial Equipment


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Paper and Packaging Equipment

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