Tav provides integrated transportation services for the most difficult commercial shipments from all points of the world for your convenience. With easy access to services such as freight forwarding, maritime and air transportation, cargo tracking, and order control services, Tav can help make your shipping process easier.
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The golden wave of African markets:
Tav as the main artery of international trade

Fast, Facile Commercial Connectivity with the World

TAV Logistics has regular weekly maritime transport services to and from African ports.

  • Tanzania - Dar ES Salaam
  • Kenya - Mombasa
  • Egypt - Damietta
  • Morocco - Casablanca
  • Sudan - Port Sudan
  • Djibouti - Djibouti
  • Senegal - Dakar
  • Tunisia - Tunis
  • Libya - Tripoli/Misurata
  • Cote d'lvoire - Abidjan

Port of Mombasa

Port of Mombasa is considered a natural deep-water inlet in Kenya and one of the busiest ports in all of East Africa. It is one of the main hubs for the export and import of goods between the African continent and other parts of the world.

Port of Dar es Salaam

Tanzania is also located in East Africa to the north of Kenya. Port of Dar es Salaam is the major gateway for the export and import of cargo to and from Tanzania receiving almost %90 of international shipping.

Port of Misurata

Port of Misurata in Libya is another destination for TAV weekly maritime transportation. Also known as Qasr Ahmad, this port is located in the Mediterranean Sea unlike the two above-mentioned African ports.

TAV Logistics takes pride in its top-notch freight transport services and logistics. Thanks to our highly experienced staff and state-of-the-art equipment in Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Land and Rail Freight, we do our utmost to quickly and safely deliver our customers’ cargoes to their destinations at a reasonable cost. We are very cognizant of the high significance of speedy and safe transportation in commercial transactions, and will firmly move towards that end.

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Project Logistics
Sea freight transportation is the safest method of shipping goods. In this article, you’ll become familiar with TAV Shipping's amazing cargo transportation.

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With Tav's transportation services, you have access to all international ports and airports. Tav's commercial vessels and owned containers are ready to transport your commercial goods. You will also have the opportunity to build strong and long-lasting business relationships with all countries in the region, including China and European countries.
Facilitation of all commercial matters
Provision of combined transportation services
Carriage of hazardous cargoes
Contracting with all major airlines around the world
Door-to-door cargo delivery

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