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Initially, the company was looking for provision of technical solutions to customers in the field of cargo transport in Iran.
With the help of other partner companies it has always tried to provide the new approaches in transportation planning to customers. Tav Sahel Arvand Co. was able to create a situation in which completely take the responsibility of handling shipment from origin to destination and according to distance and available facilities at the origin and destination deliver customer’s asset in the shortest possible time and the most suitable prices.
Moral principles

Moral principles

We try to build and maintain mutual trust within our team and customers by respecting differences and rights of others, fairness in decision-making, openness and transparency and, Interacting in an honest, fair and respectful way.

Team work

Team work

We have set a path toward progress since the first day by using all available capacities, taking advantages of difference in opinions, respecting the collective wisdom.

Commitment and responsibility

Commitment and responsibility

We have been always committed to obligations with adherence to rules and agreements, indefatigableness and our loyalty to the organization.

We drive your success starting right at your doorstep

Because of the establishing extensive and long-term relationships with different shipping lanes in shipping industry, we are able to offer the best options with the timely deliveries and flexible schedules to our customers amongst a large number of shipping companies around the world which dock has outstanding global port coverage.

What we do

We offer Total Logistics Services, in addition to above agency services, under one roof to our clients in all ports and inland locations in Iran.

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